About Us

Our Vision:

We envision sustainable, equitable, diverse, and prosperous communities that are characterized by a sense of solidarity among members who are active citizens living purpose-driven lives.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to assist change agents in discovering their full potential as human beings and to ensure that they use this potential in ways that effectively improve community life.

We are deeply inspired by those who wish to contribute to the transformation of their communities and the world as a whole.

Despite being committed and determined, these change agents recognize that they need guidance and support from those who have experience in creating purpose and meaning in their own lives.


Change Agents International is for those individuals who are aware of the need for a new social, economic, and educational paradigm. They may be leaders, entrepreneurs, coaches, authors, artists, scientists, therapists, or others who want to contribute to world betterment but, for whatever reason, don’t know how to do it. They recognize that they are in need of support and guidance to overcome the obstacles that prevent them from fulfilling their purpose as they see it.

Our programs are for people who meet any of the following criteria:

  • Possess a longing to generate a change in the world, but don’t know how to do it
    Want to become more prosperous and professionally successful by sharing their gifts with the world
  • Have a service or message to share, but are not taking action to make it happen
  • Feel stressed out because of financial, emotional, or interpersonal issues
  • Lack joy or meaning despite their financial security
  • Are not following their passion due to fear or confusion
  • Wonder if they will ever be able to use their talents and live a life of purpose
  • Know that something needs to change inside of them in order to overcome their obstacles


We offer programs and customized services using a personal development training system designed to support the student in mastering the Four Pillars of an Effective and Prosperous Change Agent in order to tap into their full potential, live their purpose, and create a positive impact in their environment.


Our primary goal is to help our students to achieve congruence and agreement between their hidden talents, their purpose, and their mission so that every role that they have in life fits together in harmony in a want that enables them live passionately and prosper while effectively generating change in the world.
Depending on the obstacles that they may have or what they choose to improve, we have created four pillars for the CAI method.