At CAI, we assist and support people who want to make a positive change in the world but, for various reasons, are struggling to do so. We call these people ‘change agents’.

We provide our change agents with lifelong learning self-discovery and self-assessment skills, and we support them in the following pursuits:

  • Discovering their true purpose in life and “living their passion”
  • Reaching out to others while bringing positive change to their lives
  • Effectively creating prosperity for themselves and for those they do their work

A Change Agent is effective and prosperous when he is living according to the following principles:

  • Do what you love
  • Be a positive influence on your environment
  • Strive for excellence
  • Conform your lifestyle to your personal values and goals

Effective and Prosperous Change Agents possess the following qualities:

  • Able to generate teams who will be willing to support them in their mission.
  • Gain energy from purpose-driven activity and engage in creative, innovative projects that promote growth
  • Aware of the “great task at hand” combined with perseverance in their commitment to accomplishing that task.
  • Simultaneously pragmatic and visionary.
  • Attract opportunities, resources, and people that support them in their mission
  • Demonstrate both confidence and empathy in their interactions with others

Effective and Prosperous Change Agents hold a world view that conforms to the following core beliefs:

  • There is hope for the future
  • We are obliged to “promote the common good” through our work and lives
  • We owe our family and friends the “best version” of ourselves
  • It is important to create free time to share with those they love

Effective and Prosperous Change Agents are engaged in their communities as follows:

  • They generate and disseminate information and material to educate others.
  • They participate actively in community life
  • They share their network with others
  • They support the personal development and professional work of fellow change agents